The Adrienne Blanket


I bought a grab bag of yarn from a woman through Craigslist — her stash-bust, my stash benefit.

There was a lot of nasty acrylic, but buried at the bottom were these iridescent balls of blue and green baby yarn. I knew they were meant to be a blanket.

It took me a while to work out that I needed to double up strands to equal the thickness of the Snuggly Wuggly yarn I had leftover from my last blanket. So I used one of each, and the result was this sort of shiny, fish scale effect. Perfection.

This simple granny square pattern (just keep going around — no pattern needed here) with picot edging was a little tedious to make, but I was thrilled with the simplicity and elegance of it.  The resulting seafoam-y colour would have been suitable for either a baby boy or girl, which made it the perfect gift for a coworker who decided not to find out what she was having.

Surprise — it was a girl! It’s simply my lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful baby girls. 🙂 And so I named this blanket after its new owner.

So, what did you make this week?

xo Jacquie

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