About Me

2015-MeBlogA cozy nook. A hook. A soft strand of yarn. There are few things as comforting in life.

And I’m here to bring some of that softness and inspiration online.


Oddly, my type-A personality was part of what led me to the yarn aisle at my local craft store. (The rest was probably fate.) Overworked and exhausted, I’d anxiously asked my doctor if she thought I was going to burn out if I kept up my long business hours and social plans.

Instead, she bluntly suggested I calm down and “get a hobby.”

After a few years of crocheting and using a knitting loom, I’ve still got lots to learn about about reading patterns, tiny hooks and stitching on the subway without elbowing neighbouring passengers. But I keep this record of my projects in the hopes that I can return some of the neat ideas and lessons the online yarn community has given me.

Drawn Out Yarn is currently crafted by one lover of stitching and storytelling from Toronto, Ontario. In time, I hope this project brings more wool worshippers out of the shadows to share their own creations and lessons.

Why unwind with Drawn Out Yarn?

  • You’re looking for a new project (I’ll include descriptions, links to patterns and/or videos wherever possible.)
  • You’re looking for inspiration!
  • You appreciate a good bit of research (Did you know: A study found 81 per cent of knitters feel happier after stitching time? Now you know!)

With loops of love,


P.s. For friendship, commissions, submissions, advice of questionable value or any other queries? You can drop me a note: drawnoutyarn@gmail.com

P.p.s. The drawing process in making yarn (sometimes called drafting) pulls the soft wool into a strand. Kinda like pulling life’s little details into a narrative…


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