A Pillow (in Sophie’s Universe)

If you crochet and have an internet connection, you’ve probably seen the Sophie’s Universe pattern that has been making the rounds over the last couple of years. If you’ve somehow missed the craze, you can find the pattern and pics on the blog “Look What I Made.”

People go crazy for this pattern and I watched www.reddit.com/r/crochet make these blankets all through last year.

Well… this is something the same, but different.

Sophie's Universe Pillow #1

I wanted to try The Sophie, but I found myself in the camp of people who felt all of those colour changes were a bit much.

Hmm. After some deliberation, I thought a few balls of Elann Meander Yarn with slow and gentle colour variations should keep things interesting! I also used a size 5.5 hook, which wound up making the pattern looser, so you can see the pillow through it.

This pattern was so much more awesome than expected because of all the different stitches. It’s no good for in front of the TV, but it’s great for keeping you interested and motivated to keep hooking!

Sophie Pillow #2

The other thing I wanted to mention is that sometimes, you can love a project and not feel the need to press ahead with it at a certain point. This Sophie was meant to be a pillow. I got the actual cushion on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond… and voila! A Christmas present for my Mom was born. (Yes I am only posting it now, shh.)

This was a good chance for me to work on my freehand crochet. I did the last few rows of squaring the Sophie and making stretched out corners that fit the pillow by just eyeballing it. I am pretty proud of finding a way to make this Sophie my own!

So, what did you make this week?

xo Jax.

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