Yarn in the mailbox? Lucky me!

2015-04-12 Elann Reddit Yarn 1All that comes in the mail these days is just (to quote Destiny’s Child) Bills Bills Bills. *Does a little dance*

But in the last few weeks I had something to look forward to, when I participated in the Reddit Gifts exchange, yarn edition.

For those unfamiliar, participants sign up for a Secret Santa program where they are matched with another fibre artist either in their country or abroad (depending on how far the person is willing to ship $$$). Then you read about your giftee and send them something they’d love. I went with some luxe fibers from a yarn store near my work that doesn’t distribute its yarns in the province of Alberta, where my recipient lives.

Then you wait for your own surprise yarn to arrive!

I had a god time running to the mailbox each day, waiting for my yarn to arrive. When it did, I found I’d received 5 balls of Elann in the “fire and fury” colour. I assume that’s because I said my favourite colour is red! Now I’m enjoying dreaming of what those strands will become.2015-04-12 Elann Yarn Reddit 2

I highly recommend participating next year. And if you love to knit or crochet, can I recommend the amazing community of hookers and knitters who inhabit Reddit’s community?

There’s something really lovely about connecting with people who have a shared interest. I loved scrolling through the gallery of gifts to see what other people received in the exchange! Some gifters were incredibly generous. Can you imagine if a GIANT TUB OF YARN showed up on your doorstep?

Dreaming of HDCs,


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