Weekend works in progress: The crochet bits and pieces I’ve got on deck right now

It’s Work In Progress (WIP) Weekend!

I usually prefer to blog when I finish objects that I’m proud of, but lately I’ve been starting a lot of new pieces and haven’t wrapped up many (…any) in a few weeks. And it’s getting kinda lonely over here without any posts. So, here’s a little update about what I’ve been up to.

1.) Blanket for Baby by the Sea

This is a simple chevron blanket that I’m doing up for a baby that’s due to be born in June. I am so excited for that little muffin’s arrival! He’s going to be a water baby (to be born in Newfoundland, near the ocean), so I decided to go with a water theme. I’m making up the colours, but if you want to know how to make a ripple, DaisyCottage has a good pattern here for your waves. There’s a sandy beach and I’ve started on the water. You could add all kinds of sea creatures, and a crab on the beach! Possibilities are endless! I haven’t decided if I’m going to do fish or sailboat appliques when I’m done… Thoughts?

2015-04-11 By the Sea Blanket Baby

2.) Textured Throw with Squares

This is a blanket I’m whipping up with a bulkier yarn (Loops and Threads Charisma) for a couple getting married in May. I’m using the Red Heart pattern for the checkerboard textures throw afghan, but planning to make fewer squares. The couple has purple as a wedding colour, so I wanted to get that in. But I was going for a more modern look as they start their new home. Two and a half squares down, only 9 more to go… I think I’m going to do at least one bobble stitch square with their initials…

2015-03-11 Textured Squared Blanket WIP

3.) Spring Sweater

Here’s the start of the Ariane bolero/sweater — a free pattern from Peggy Grand. It’s being made with some gorgeous merino/baby alpaca from Americo, which has a flagship boutique near me in Toronto. But the pattern is a bit ambitious for me, if I’m being honest. Just starting out on the collar here…

2015-03-11 Ariane Swater Collar WIP

4.) Baby Leftover Blanket

And here’s a baby blanket I started with the yarn leftover from the Langley blanket. It’s the crochet beachcomber blanket by knitculture, but I’m using a lighter weight yarn and went down a hook size. Crochet shellz 4 dayz.

2015-04-11 Beachcomber baby WIP

And I think that’s the major stuff, for now.

What are the rest of you working on?



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