Haunted by Hallowe’en

Pumpkin1The annual opening of my Halloween goody box never happened in 2014. In fact, I forgot I’d even brought it up from the storage unit.

After years of tricks and treats–hollering at live renditions of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, prancing around in sexy costumes (Alice in Wonderland) or scary costumes (a bloody Jackie O), and carving up gourds–I all but gave up the ghost this year.

I just wasn’t feeling it, y’know? So, I cancelled my plans, which were vague anyway. I settled for baking this three-cheese mac’ and cheese (highly recommend), opening a bottle of Warlock (ditto) and watching Scary Movie on Netflix in my pyjamas, reflecting on how young and adorable Anna Faris is.

I was a perfectly happy cheese-filled lump until one lazy look at my phone. It was the witching hour and selfies were flooding in. One friend did a perfect RiFF RaFF, another the spitting image of Daenerys Targaryen, the Game of Thrones Khaleesi. A colleague’s son was a Ghostbuster, and there he was in full Stay Puft Marshmallow Man regalia.


How happy I might have been if I’d just kept away from the Internet! But this is the dark place we’ve all been caught before, where you realize social media isn’t making you any happier.

We’re at the point where research has explicitly told us that using Facebook will contribute to a decrease in life satisfaction, and yet the curiosity keeps us glued to our screens. As Slate put it: By helping other people look happy, Facebook is making us sad.

I couldn’t shake the feeling I was wasting the holiday sitting on my couch when I could have been out there taking my own sassy pictures. I started imaging what last minute outfit I could craft out of the bridesmaid dresses I’ve accumulated and wigs I’ve collected. I wiped the dust off the shoe box that holds all my Hallowe’en decor—maybe just a few last minute touches?

But it was too late.

Pumpkin2I settled for snuggling a little pumpkin that I crocheted for thanksgiving. A comforting little friend on a cold, rainy night.

Now Hallowe’en is over. I awoke to a November morning with snow on the ground. I’m sipping hot cocoa and looking at the pile of thick, snuggly yarn waiting to be caressed by my hook.

And just like that, I’m happy again.

Now U.S. thanksgiving is coming up! To make your own pumpkin for the table, just follow this tutorial. In the video, the pumpkin is crocheted with a little hook and a lightweight yarn. The yarn I used was Lion Brand Thick and Quick in (I think) Butterscotch, and I used a #8 hook.

(I added the vine curl myself by chaining a few, securing the loop with a single-crochet stitch and chaining a few more before tying off. I had some green yarn hanging around, but I can’t remember what it was!)

So, what did you do this week?

xo Jacquie

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